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POMS 2007 Conference


18th Annual Conference of the
Production and Operations Management Society
Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, Texas
May 4 - May 7, 2007

Call for Papers (PDF) Updated!
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Important Dates

November 30, 2006

Date when the website will be available for abstract submission

November 30, 2006

Date when information for Emerging Scholars Program and the Doctoral Student Consortium will be available

December 15, 2006

Deadline for proposals for tutorial or invited session

January 15, 2007

Deadline for submission of abstracts

February 28, 2007

Deadline for submission of complete papers for publication in proceedings

January 22, 2007

On-line registration is available.

January 22, 2007

Deadline for acceptance/rejection of abstracts.

March 7, 2007

Deadline for acceptance/rejection of submitted full papers.


Many thanks to the Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Advertisers who help make POMS-2007 possible!

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Conference Registration

All registration for the conference will be done on-line through the POMS website. The website will be available for registration beginning January 22, 2007 and close on April 10, 2007. The registration fees are as follows:

  • Members: $375 by February 15, $425 between February 16 and March 7, $475 between March 8 and April 10. The on-site registration fee is $525.
  • Non-Members: $400 by February 15, $450 between February 16 and March 7, $500 between March 8 and April 10. The on site registration fee is $550.
  • Students and Retirees: $105 by February 15, $125 between February 16 and March 7, $145 between March 8 and April 10. The on site registration fee is $160.

Conference Venue

poms2007_hotel.jpgThe Conference will be held at the Fairmont Hotel Dallas, 1717 North Akard Street, Dallas, Texas 75201, USA (Phone: 214-720-2020). The Fairmont, located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, should prove to be an excellent location for our meeting. Early May promises great Texas weather, and easy access through the Dallas/Fort Worth International airport from anywhere in the world. The room rate for single or double occupancy is $184 per night plus taxes (an extra person can stay in the room for an additional $30). Suites are available for $284.00.

The Fairmont Hotel is a 550 room hotel, and we've reserved substantially more hotel rooms than last year for our members. Note that the hotel plans to remodel all of their sleeping rooms before our arrival, so we will have great accommodations for your stay. If you want an early start on hotel reservations, please go to the Fairmont website and use the group code GRCIC1 (the box for the Group Code will appear after you enter your arrival and departure dates). These rates are discounted from the normal internet rates for this time period by about $25 per night, so be sure to use our Group Code. If you do not enter the group code, regular Internet rates will be used for your reservation.

We recommend that you join the Fairmont's "President Club" before making reservations. From their website: "Membership is complimentary and your Fairmont President's Club experience begins the moment you arrive at any of our properties with express check-in and continues during your stay with complimentary, high-speed Internet access, free local calls, 500 airline miles per stay on qualifying rates, complimentary daily newspaper, and more."


Video of the May 6, 2007 plenary speech in honor of William W. Cooper, Charles C. Holt, and Gerald E. Thompson. Speakers include Paul Kleindorfer, Hau Lee, Suresh Sethi, and Marty Starr.

Contributed Papers

Papers are invited on all topics related to teaching, research, and practice of OM. Current tracks and track chairs include, but are not limited to, the following:

Disaster ManagementSushil Gupta
Florida International University


Martin K. Starr
Rollins College

EducationRohit Verma
Cornell University Ithaca
Empirical and Economic
Research in OM
Vishal Gaur
New York University


Taylor Randall
University of Utah

Environmental Issues and
Reverse Logistics in
Surendra Gupta
Northeastern University


Vaidy Jayaraman
University of Miami

Games and Economic
Models in OM
Mahesh Nagarajan
University of British Columbia, Canada


Haresh Gurnani
University of Miami

Healthcare OperationsCraig Froehle
University of Cincinnati
Human Resource Issues
in OM
Martin K. Starr
Rollins College


Hesan A. Quazi
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Humanitarian LogisticsLuk N. Van Wassenhove
INSEAD, France
Vidyaranya B. Gargeya
University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Inventory ManagementDon Warsing
North Carolina State University
JIT & Lean ProductionYoshiki Matsui
Yokohama National University, Japan


Rachna Shah
University of Minnesota

Managing Disruptions
in Supply Chains
Kathryn E. Stecke
University of Texas at Dallas


Tom Schmitt
University of Washington Seattle


Sanjay Kumar
University of Texas at Dallas

Tamer Boyaci
McGill University, Canada


Saibal Ray
McGill University, Canada

Mass CustomizationCipriano Forza
University of Padova, Italy


Manus Rungtusanatham
University of Minnesota


Fabrizio Salvador
Instituto de Empersa Business School

Operational Advantage
Group (OAG)
Rafael Menda
McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals
Operations-IT InterfaceIndranil Bardhan
University of Texas at Dallas
Operations StrategyAmelia Carr
Bowling Green State University
Optimization Models
for Operations
Joseph P. Geunes
University of Florida
Product Innovation and
Technology Management
Michael Lapre
Vanderbilt University
Production and
Inventory Models
Metin Cakanyildirim
University of Texas at Dallas
Project ManagementDaniel Heiser
DePaul University
Purchasing and
Sourcing Management
Srinivas Talluri
Michigan State University
Quality ManagementHale Kaynak
The University of Texas Pan-American
Service OperationsJun Zhang
University of Texas at Dallas


Huimin Wang
Hohai University, China

Strategic Sourcing IssuesWC Benton
Ohio State University
Supply Chain ManagementRajesh Srivastava
Florida Gulf Coast University


James F. O'Kane
Northumbria University, UK

Sustainable Operations
& Closed-Loop
Supply Chains
Mark E Ferguson
Georgia Institute of Technology


V. Daniel R. Guide, Jr.
Pennsylvania State University

The Role of
Technologies in
Global Supply Chains
Pedro Reyes
Baylor University
Transportation and LogisticsSvein Brathen
Molde University College, Norway

If you are interested in organizing a track not currently listed, please contact the Program Chair at by November 30, 2006.

Invited Sessions

If you would like to organize an invited session, please contact the appropriate Track Chair (listed above) or the Program Chair at by December 15, 2006.

Abstract Submission

The deadline for submissions of abstracts is January 20, 2007. Abstracts should be limited to 150 words. A registered author may not be allowed to present more than three papers due to scheduling conflicts. Acceptance of abstracts will be notified through e-mail by the end of January, 2007. If you need a hard copy of the acceptance letter for traveling visa and other purposes, please contact Sophia G. Orme at

Submission of Full-Length Papers

1. Format the paper as follows: Font Size 12, Times New Roman, Line Spacing - double (there is no page limit). Include all tables and figures in one document (the submission system accepts only one document per abstract). The first page should include the following:
    First Line: Abstract Number
    Second Line: Abstract Title
    Authors’ information (Name, Organization, address, e-mail, phone)
    POMS 18th Annual Conference
    Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
    May 4 to May 7, 2007

2. Save/convert the paper into PDF format.

3. Click Full Length Paper Submission.

4. The program will prompt you to enter the abstract number and the e-mail of the author for correspondence. Complete remaining fields.

5. Submit the PDF generated in step 2 by the March 7, 2007 deadline.

Please note that the full length paper is not mandatory to participate in the conference. All full-length papers will be included in the CD-proceedings.


Tutorial and workshop proposals are encouraged. Please contact the Program Chair at by December 15, 2006 if you have an interest.

Doctoral Student Consortium

The Doctoral Student Consortium aims to provide an excellent opportunity for career development and networking with fellow doctoral students and prominent academicians. The theme of the consortium will be Transitioning from Doctoral Student to Professor. This half-day session will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2006, 8:00 AM to noon. Professor Tim Lowe from the University of Iowa will be leading the session.

The program will be limited to 30 participants. To participate, please send a short email expressing your interest as well as your resume to Professor Tim Lowe at Please do so by January 31, 2007.

4th Annual Program for Emerging Scholars of POM

Application deadline extended to February 16, 2007

Untenured university faculty holding teaching positions in the field of Production and Operations Management are invited to apply for participation in the special "Emerging Scholars Program" session of the POM 2007 Conference in Dallas, TX. The half-day program will be held the morning of May 07, 2007, the last day of the conference. In order to foster the development of new professionals pursuing academic careers in OM, the Production and Operations Management Society is sponsoring this special session of the conference.

The program's goal is to provide new academic professionals in OM with career-building advice in developing excellence in their personal programs of teaching, research, and service. The program is highly interactive and will feature internationally recognized senior OM scholars as discussion leaders.

The program will be limited to 18 participants. Priority will be given to first time faculty attendees who have registered for the conference. If you are interested in participating, please do the following:
• Register for the POMS-2007 conference
• Send a short email describing your interest along with a copy of your current curriculum vitae on or before February 16, 2007 to with copy to

Program Organizers:
Jack Kanet, University of Dayton, co-chair
Michael F. Gorman, University of Dayton, co-chair
Martin Stößlein, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, co-chair

Read about the completed 2007 Emerging Scholars program (Word)

Wickham Skinner Awards

POMS will continue to offer the Wickham Skinner Awards to recognize excellence in contributions to the POM field. Details of the awards are available in the offical announcement (Word).

Winners of the Wickham Skinner Awards were as follows:
Early Career Award (Co-Winners): Justin Ren (Boston University) and Rachna Shah (University of Minnesota)

Teaching Innovation Award: Andy A. Tsay (Santa Clara University)

Best Unpublished Research: "Efficient Take Back Legislation" by Atalay Atasu, Miklos Sarvary, and Luk N. Van Wassenhove (INSEAD)

CIBER International Case Writing Award

Indiana University CIBER is pleased to announce the eighth CIBER International Case Writing Award in the amount of $2500. For additional information, contact Roger Schmenner at

Winner of the 2007 CIBER International Case Writing Award was "Streamlining the Global Logistics Service Processes at Nanjing Wangjiawan Logistics Center (WLC)" by Amy Zeng (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and Jing Hou and Lindu Zhao (Institute of Systems Engineering of Southeast University)

Martin K. Starr Excellence in POM Practice (E-POMP) Award

The Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) has instituted the Martin K. Starr Excellence in POM Practice (E-POMP) Award to recognize contributions made to the field of Production and Operations Management (POM) by POM practitioners. Details of the award are available on the POMS website. For additional information contact Sushil Gupta at

POM-2007 Conference Committee

General Chair

Kathryn E. Stecke
UT Dallas

  Program Chair
Yunzeng Wang
UT Dallas
International Committee Chair
Sushil Gupta
Florida International University
  Emerging Scholars Program
John (Jack) Kanet
University of Dayton
Doctoral Consortium
Tim Lowe
University of Iowa
  Conference Advisor
Barbara Flynn
Indiana University
Sponsorship Coordinator
Nagesh N. Murthy
University of Oregon
  Local Events Coordinator
Metin Cakanyildirim
UT Dallas
Vice President Meetings
Timothy L. Smunt
Wake Forest University
  Program Editor and Proceedings Editor (on CD)
Sushil Gupta
Florida International University

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