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POMS 2008 Annual Meeting


POMS-2008 - La Jolla

19th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society
Hyatt Regency La Jolla, California
May 9 - May 12, 2008

POMS-2008, the nineteenth annual conference of the Production and Operations Management Society, will convene in La Jolla, California, U.S.A. from Friday, May 9 through Monday, May 12, 2008.

Special Industry Seminar for Business Leaders -- May 12, 2008
"Creating Disney Magic in Your Business"
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Online registration ended April 10th. On-site registration will be available at the conference
(Members: $545; Non-Members: $570; Students and Retired Members: $170)
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Hotel & Venue Information

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Conference Venue
The Conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla. The abundant riches of San Diego’s "Golden Triangle" await at Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine. Nestled in a luxurious seaside suburb known as the "Jewel of the Pacific," this distinguished La Jolla hotel is minutes from world-class corporations, shopping, dining, and attractions. Situated on 11 acres, this elegant hotel boasts 419 recently remodeled guest rooms, spacious VIP suites, wireless high-speed Internet, and 32,000 square feet of flexible function space. It is the perfect location for visitors to experience Southern California.

Guest Room Rates:
Single Occupancy: $185.00
Double Occupancy: $185.00
Triple Occupancy: $210.00
Quadruple Occupancy: $235.00

Room rates are quoted exclusive of applicable state and local taxes (which are currently 10.5%) or applicable service, or hotel specific fees in effect at the Hotel at the time of the meeting.

To make your reservations at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla, please use the POMS dedicated reservations link:

Reservations must be made by April 16 to receive the discounted room rates above. These discounted rates are available May 7-13 and are subject to room availability. We expect record attendance, so do not delay in making your hotel reservations!

For useful travel information to POMS-2008, please download this guide (PDF). In addition, we have two maps of the La Jolla area: Shopping and dining near the Hyatt and Quickest route from the Hyatt to downtown La Jolla.

Plenary Speakers: We are in the process of lining up exciting industry and academic leaders to speak at the Conference.

Contributed Papers: Papers on all topics related to teaching, research, and practice of OM are invited. We are currently in the process of organizing track chairs. If you are interested in organizing a track, please contact the General Chair at by November 30, 2007. Current tracks and track chairs include, but are not limited to, the following:

Geoff Parker, Tulane University

Craig Froehle, University of Cincinnati
Sylvain Landry, HEC Montreal
Denise White, University of Cincinnati

Martha Cooper, AFIT
Geraldo Ferrer, Naval Postgraduate School

Chad Autry, TCU
Stan Griffis, AFIT

Elliot Bendoly, Emory University
Neil Bearden, INSEAD

Yoshiki Matsui, Yokohama National University, Japan
Rachna Shah, University of Minnesota

Vidyaranya B. Gargeya, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Sriram Thirulmalai, University of Utah

Laura Meade, TCU

Sushil Gupta, Florida International University
Martin K. Starr, Rollins College

Steven Melnyk, Michigan State University
Dana Johnson, Michigan Tech University

Eitan Naveh, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Gene Tyworth, Penn State University

Daniel R. Guide, Jr., Penn State University
Luk N. Van Wassenhove, INSEAD, France

Mark Ferguson, Georgia Tech
Nagesh Murthy, University of Oregon

Metin Cakanyildirim, University of Texas at Dallas
Greg Graman, Michigan Tech. University

Daniel Heiser, DePaul University

Steven Brady, Penn State - Harrisburg

Tonya Boone, College of William and Mary

Gopesh Anand, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jeff Ogden, Air Force Institute of Technology
Carol Prahinski, Michigan State University

Rafael Menda, Johnson & Johnson

Track chairs may log in here to manage their tracks' submitted abstracts.

Invited Sessions: If you would like to organize an invited session, please contact the appropriate Track Chair or the Program Chair at by December 15, 2007.

Tutorials/Workshops: Tutorial and workshop proposals are encouraged. Please contact the Program Chair at by December 15, 2007 if you have an interest.

Abstract Submission: The deadline for submissions of abstracts is January 20, 2008. Abstracts should be limited to 150 words. A registered author may not be allowed to present more than three papers due to scheduling conflicts. Acceptance of abstracts will be notified through e-mail by January 22, 2008.

Submission of Full Length Papers: Submission of full length papers is not mandatory for participation and presentation of papers at the conference. However, participants may submit full length papers to be published in the electronic proceedings of the conference. Acceptance of full length papers will be notified through e-mail by March 7, 2008.

Instructions for Submission of Full Length Paper

  1. Click here for the Full-Length Paper Submission web form

  2. You will be prompted to enter the abstract number and the e-mail of the author for correspondence. After that follow the instructions.

  3. Submit the paper as a PDF File using the following document formatting:
    • Font Size 12; Times New Roman; Line Spacing - double
    • Include all tables and figures in one document. The program will accept only one document per abstract. There is no limit on the length of the paper.
    • The first page should include the following:
          • First Line: Abstract Number
          • Second Line: Abstract Title
          • Followed by authors’ information (Name, Organization, address, e-mail, phone)
          • Then type:
      POMS 19th Annual Conference
      La Jolla, California, U.S.A.
      May 9 to May 12, 2008

The full length paper is not mandatory to participate in the conference. The full length paper will be included in the CD-proceedings. The last date to submit Full-Length Papers is February 28, 2008. If questions, contact: Sushil Gupta at

Doctoral Student Consortium: The program aims to provide an excellent opportunity for career development and networking with fellow doctoral students and prominent academicians. The theme of the consortium will be Transitioning from Doctoral Student to Professor. This half-day session will be held on Saturday, May 10, 2008, 8:00 AM to noon. Professor Tim Lowe from the University of Iowa will be leading the session.

The program will be limited to 30 participants. To participate, please send a short email expressing your interest as well as your resume to Professor Tim Lowe at Please do so by January 31, 2008.

5th Annual Emerging Scholars Program: Untenured university faculty holding tenure-track teaching positions in the field of Production and Operations Management are invited to apply for participation in the special "Emerging Scholars Program" session of the POM 2008 Conference in La Jolla, CA. In order to foster the development of new professionals pursuing academic careers in OM, the Production and Operations Management Society is sponsoring this special session of the conference. The program's goal is to provide new academic professionals in OM with career-building advice in developing excellence in their personal programs of teaching, research, and service. The program is highly interactive and will feature internationally recognized senior OM scholars as discussion leaders.

The program will be limited to 16 participants. Priority will be given to first-time faculty attendees who have registered for the conference. If you are interested in participating, please do the following:
1. Register for the conference
2. Send a short email describing your interest along with a copy of your current vita on or before February 15, 2008, to

Sponsored in part by the University of Dayton School of Business Administration

Chair: Jack Kanet, University of Dayton
• Michael F. Gorman, University of Dayton
• Martin Stößlein, University of Dayton

2008 Wickham Skinner Awards: The Wickham Skinner Awards will be presented during the POM-2008 meeting.

As a leading professional society in the field of production and operations management, POMS has the responsibility to influence and recognize outstanding research and teaching accomplishments. The Wickham Skinner Awards are intended to encourage POM scholarship and publication, to promote significant research in the field, to reward academics who have achieved unusually high accomplishment early in their careers, and to facilitate the sharing of innovative new ideas about teaching POM.

There are three categories of Wickham Skinner Awards:
A. Best Unpublished Paper presented at the La Jolla Meeting
B. Early-Career Research Accomplishments
C. Teaching Innovation Achievements

It should be noted that neither Officers nor Board members of POMS (including members of the Council of POMS Presidents) are eligible for these awards. Awards will not be given if the submissions do not meet the standards for each award category.

For each category, there will be at most two winners of an award (first place with a prize of $1,000 and the runner-up with a prize of $500 or both tied for the first place each with a prize of $1,000). Award winners are not eligible to apply again for the award, but unsuccessful applicants may submit materials in a later year. The award(s) will be announced at the POM-2008 La Jolla closing ceremony on May 12, 2008.

Specific definitions, award criteria, submission guidelines and related information for each award are provided below.

A. Award for Best Unpublished Paper Presented at the La Jolla Meeting

Definition of Unpublished Paper

Papers presented at the POM-2008 La Jolla conference and those under review by Production and Operations Management are eligible for this award. Papers submitted for this award must not be under review by any other journal or conference. The author(s) certify this through the submission of their paper to this award competition. An individual can be an author or co-author on only one paper submitted for the award. Any multiple submissions will require contacting all the authors to determine which paper will be submitted. The resulting delay may prevent consideration of the papers for the award.

Procedure for Submissions

By February 1, 2007, please email a copy of the complete paper excluding the cover page with author information, using the proper editorial format (see “Information for Contributors” in Production and Operations Management), along with the cover page in a separate electronic file, via email to the committee chair, Kamilini Ramdas, along with a copy to the Executive Director of POMS via e-mail at The committee chair will acknowledge receipt of each paper and distribute copies to the judges and the appropriate department editor of Production and Operations Management. Unless the author(s) request a delay, the paper will then be reviewed as a submission to Production and Operations Management. Simultaneously, each paper will be reviewed by the award committee. Authors should also submit their paper (abstract only) for presentation at the POMS-La Jolla conference using the regular paper submission process by January 15, 2008. Please note that the abstract submission deadline for submission of papers to the conference is January 15, 2008. Finalists must present the paper at the conference to be considered for award.

Basis for Unpublished Best Paper Award

Papers will be judged on overall quality with careful attention given to both relevance and rigor.

Award Presentation

The awards will be announced and presented to the winners at the closing ceremony of the POM-2008 La Jolla meeting on Monday, May 12, 2008 (multiple authors of an award- winning paper will share the award money, but each will receive an award plaque and be honored as an award winner). The awards include:
1. Public Recognition of the award winner(s) at the POMS Meeting
2. A plaque
3. A check for $1000 for the first place or $500 for runner up if any.

The best unpublished paper presented at the La Jolla Meeting will also undergo an expedited review by Production and Operations Management, the flagship journal of the Production and Operations Management Society.

Best Unpublished Paper Award Committee
• Zeynep Aksin (Koc U. – Turkey)
• Janice Carrillo (U, of Florida)
• Vishal Gaur (Cornell U.)
• Kamilini Ramdas, Chair (UVA)
• Taylor Randall, (U. of Utah)

B. Early-Career Research Accomplishments Award

Definition of Early-Career Researcher

An “Early-Career Researcher” will be defined as someone who has received a doctoral degree (or its equivalent outside of the U.S.A.) within the previous five years. For the POM-2008 Meeting, 2003 is the starting year for inclusion.

Procedure for Submissions

By February 1, 2008, please email copies of the materials listed below to committee chair, Charles Corbett, along with a copy to the Executive Director of POMS via e-mail at The committee chair will acknowledge receipt and distribute copies to the judges. Additions to the portfolio cannot be made after the February 1 deadline. The portfolio should include:
1. A cover letter of no more than two pages applying for the award that highlights the major contributions of the applicant’s entire body of research
2. A copy of the candidate’s resume
3. Copies of one to three key papers
4. A maximum of three letters of recommendation for the award from other academics or area/department chairs describing the applicant’s contribution to research, or from practitioners confirming the successful application of research findings.

Basis for the Early-Career Researcher Award

Accomplishments can be measured in many ways, with publications and presentations given primary importance. Work published (or formally accepted for publication) or presented at a conference within the five-year eligibility period will be considered in the evaluation process if properly documented.

The judges will evaluate the impact of the body of work in terms of its ability to broaden, extend, and alter the way that POM is conceptualized, practiced, and viewed. The judges are not required to give awards if applicants do not meet the standards they establish.

Award Presentation

The awards will be announced and presented to the winners at the closing ceremony of the POM-2008 La Jolla meeting on Monday, May 12, 2008. The awards include:
1. Public Recognition of the award winner(s) at the POMS Meeting
2. A plaque
3. A check for $1000 for the first place or $500 for runner up
4. Complimentary POMS membership for the following two years.

Early-Career Research Award Committee
• Ed Anderson, (U. of Texas – Austin)
• Charles Corbett, Chair (UCLA)
• Panos Kouvelis, (Washington University in St. Louis)
• Larry Menor, (University of Western Ontario)
• Tai Chiu Edwin Cheng, (Hong Kong Polytechnic U.)
• Chris Voss, (London Business School)
• Andres Weintraub, (U. of Chilie)

C. Teaching Innovation Achievements Award

Definition of Teaching Innovation Award

The purpose of the teaching innovation award is to recognize demonstrated innovative teaching achievements in various aspects of Production and Operations Management instruction.

Procedure for Submissions

By February 1, 2008, applicants should send a 2-3 page overview of their teaching achievements via email to committee chair Glen Schmidt along with a copy to the Executive Director of POMS via e-mail at The committee chair will acknowledge receipt and distribute copies to the judges. After review by the judges, the finalists will be asked to develop a complete portfolio. The portfolio might include specific teaching materials; descriptions of innovative approaches to teaching (including team teaching, student teams, action learning, and role playing, in addition to the traditional lectures and case discussions); innovative uses of technology for delivering materials (e.g., interactive media, the Internet, distance and e-learning); and/or new ways for understanding actual operating problems and the methods that can be applied to deal with them (e.g., ERP, ASP, etc.). Evaluations of the teaching innovations by users should be provided. These can include other teachers, students, and other evaluators who are in a position to comment knowledgeably about the teaching innovation. At a minimum, the innovative teaching portfolio should include:
1. A personal statement reflecting the applicant’s teaching philosophy and favored approaches (which should include a description of the teaching environment at the applicant’s institution)
2. A representative set of course syllabi
3. Course/teaching evaluation data
4. A statement of the applicant’s educational innovations that are deemed most important.

Basis for Teaching Innovation Award

In their evaluation of these materials, the judges will give primary attention to:
1. Evidence of real pedagogical innovation.
2. Evidence of demonstrable improvement in student learning over time. This evidence may take many forms, including letters testifying to the value of the pedagogical innovation from present or former students, as well as from other academics that have witnessed or adopted them, improvements in test scores, etc. Innovations in measuring the impact of a pedagogical approach will also be considered.
3. Evidence of transferability. A teaching innovation must be transferable to others, whether internal or external to the applicant’s institution. A description of the teaching innovation(s), as well as how to measure the resulting learning improvement, must be presented in enough detail so that others may apply or adapt the material successfully.

Award Presentation

The awards will be announced and presented to the winners at the closing ceremony of the POM-2008 La Jolla meeting on Monday, May 12, 2008. The awards include:
1. Public Recognition of the award winner(s) at the POMS Meeting
2. A plaque
3. A check for $1000 for the first place or $500 for runner up

Teaching Innovation Award Committee
• Wendell Gilland (UNC)
• Berit Helgheim (Molde U., Norway)
• Robert Jacobs (Indiana U.)
• Glen Schmidt, Chair, (U. of Utah)
• Andy Tsay (Santa Clara U.)
• Rohit Verma (Cornell U.)

CIBER International Case Writing Award: Indiana University CIBER is pleased to announce the ninth CIBER International Case Writing Award in the amount of $2500. Details of the award will be available on the POMS website beginning October 1, 2007.

Martin K. Starr Excellence in Production and Operations Management Practice Award: The Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) has instituted the Martin K. Starr Excellence in POM Practice (E-POMP) Award to recognize contributions made to the field of Production and Operations Management (POM) by POM practitioners. Details of the award will be available on the POMS website beginning October 1, 2007. For additional information contact Sushil Gupta at

Hotel Room Rates: Hotel registration details will be provided by November 30, 2007 on the POMS website

Conference Registration: All registration for the conference will be handled through the online conference registration system. Online registration will close April 10, 2008; afterwards, only on-site registration will be possible.

Message from the Planning Team: The POM-2008 planning team is working very hard in putting together an exciting program. Our goal is to put together a program that will appeal to anyone interested in improving their research productivity, bringing the latest materials to the classroom, or using the latest OM techniques/software in solving OM problems. We hope to see you all in La Jolla!

Any future revisions of this announcement will be posted here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any improvement ideas. Thank you.

POM-2008 Conference Committee

General Chair
Nada R. Sanders, Texas Christian University

Program Chair
Scott M. Shafer, Wake Forest University

International Committee Chair
Sushil Gupta, Florida International University

Emerging Scholars Program
John (Jack) Kanet, University of Dayton

Doctoral Consortium
Tim Lowe, University of Iowa

Conference Advisor
Kathryn E. Stecke, University of Texas, Dallas

Sponsorship Committee Chair
Nagesh Murthy, University of Oregon

Vice President Meetings
Timothy L. Smunt, Wake Forest University

Local Arrangements Coordinators
Vish Krishnan, University of California at San Diego (UCSD)
Stacy Skubic, University of California at San Diego (UCSD)

Program and Proceedings Coordinator
John C. Goodale, University of Oregon

Vice President of Industry
Lee Cockrell, Lee Cockrell, LLC and Walt Disney World Resort

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Will it be possible for any male participant to consider my request of sharing room so as to reduce terrif burden?

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I will attend the POMS 2008. I want to share a room from 09-12 May. If anybody interested please contact me.


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For financial-aid reason, Please e-mail to me the official recipt of my payment. Thanks.

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