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Sushil K. Gupta POMS Distinguished Service Award

The Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) created the Sushil K. Gupta POMS Distinguished Service Award at its annual meeting in Chicago, April 20, 2012, to recognize contributions made by those members who substantially contributed to the growth of the Society. The award was named after Dr. Sushil K. Gupta to honor him for his dedicated services to POMS.

POMS Doctoral Consortium 2015

The purpose of the POMS Doctoral Consortium is to help doctoral students maximize their chances of having a successful academic career in our globally competitive environment. A mix of junior and experienced faculty will provide their perspectives on finding the right position and becoming an excellent researcher and teacher. This year, we have a dynamite panel. All speakers will have an interesting story to tell. With their combined experience, the panel will be able to answer all your questions about “the dissertation phase, being on the job-market, and life after obtaining a PhD’ (Yes, there is one!).

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