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2019 August

August 2019: 16. Faculty Position in Operations Management Nanyang Business School, Singapore

August 2019: 15. Tenure Track-Assistant Professor Position, Vienna University of Economics and Business

August 2019: 14. Assistant/Associate Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Ball State University

August 2019: 13. Tenure System Faculty (Assistant Professor) in Management Science, Tulane University

August 2019: 12. Assistant Professor in Operations and Information Technology Management, University of California, Berkeley

August 2019: 11. Tenure-Track Faculty Positions in Operations Management, Ohio State University

August 2019: 10. Tenure Track Supply Chain/Operations Management Position, Indiana University

August 2019: 9. Tenure-Track Faculty Positions (Assistant Professor), California State Polytechnic University

August 2019: 8. Tenure Track Faculty Position in Operations, Case Western Reserve University

August 2019: 7. Professor /Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Operations Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

August 2019: 6. Associate or Full Professor of Operations Management, Rice University

August 2019: 5. Assistant or Associate Professor - Supply Chain Management & Analytics, Virginia Commonwealth University

August 2019: 4. Lecturer-Information Technology and Supply Chain Management, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

August 2019: 3. Assistant Professor of Business Analytics, Ball State University

August 2019: 2. Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor (Operations Management), Chinese University of Hong Kong

August 2019: 1. Assistant/Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee

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