Colleges - BOM - Mission Statement

The College aims to create a community of researchers, educators and practitioners who deal with study of human behavior issues to make POM more effective. In this endeavor, the College will collaborate with other professional groups (see for example Behavioral Operations Site) with similar interests.This effort will lead to a focus on the study of interfaces and interactions of POM with other disciplines primarily with Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Occupational Psychology. These also include the overlap and intersection of various disciplines with respect to logistical and transformation processes for products and services, and the development, deployment and evaluation of human resource policies and practices that support these processes. Specifically, the College will focus on the interaction between individuals, work groups, technology and work place environments.

The College of Behavior in Operations Management aspires to be actively involved in organizing dedicated sessions at the annual POMS conferences. The college will seek to engage academics and practitioners from around the world on topics relating to human resource and behavioral issues in production and operations management. By applying new insights, concepts and methodologies and using the Web to foster rich conversations within the community, the college will identify new and relevant managerial issues and areas for research.

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