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Kicking Ash: Who (or What) is Winning the "War on Coal"? 

David F. Drake, Jeffrey G. York (2021) Production and Operations Management, Forthcoming

Rapid Development of a Decision Support System to Alleviate Food Insecurity at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Lester Blackmon, Ross Chan, Omar Carbral, Geeta Chintapally, Sandip Dhara,  Peter Felix, Aditi Jagdish, Srini Konakalla, Jasbir Labana, Jeff McIlvain,  Jason Stone,  Christopher S. Tang,  Jason Torres,  Weldon Wu (2021), Forthcoming


Retail Deliveries by Drones: How Will Logistics Networks Change?
Sandun Perera, Milind Dawande, Ganesh Janakiraman, Vijay Mookerjee (2020), Production and Operations Management, 29(9), 2019-2034


Managing Wind Based Electricity Generation in the Presence of Storage and Transmission Capacity

Yangfang (Helen) Zhou, Alan Scheller-Wolf, Nicola Secomandi, Stephen Smith (2019), Production and Operations Management, 28(4), 970-98

  • 2020 INFORMS Best Publication Award in Environment-Sustainability


Drs. Kalyan Singhal and Subodha Kumar discuss POM's review process and how to integrate analytical and empirical research


Mitigating the U.S. Drug Shortages Through Pareto-Improving Contracts
Justin Jia, Hui Zhao (2017), Production and Operations Management, 26(8), 1463-1480

  • One of two runner-up papers (tie) for the Ralph Gomory Best Industry Studies Paper Award.
  • Industry Studies Association (ISA) selects the winners of this award from all the related papers published in Industrial and Corporate Change (ICC), Industrial and Labor Relations Review (ILRR), Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM), Production & Operations Management (POM), Strategic Management Journal (SMJ), and Strategy Science (SS).

Traffic-Based Labor Planning in Retail Stores

Howard Hao-Chun Chuang, Rogelio Oliva, Olga Perdikaki (2016), Production and Operations Management, 25(1), 96-113

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