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Vol. 17, Issue 6 (November - December 2008)

Drivers and Enablers That Foster Environmental Management Capabilities in Small- and Medium-Sized Suppliers in Supply Chains
Su-Yol Lee and Robert D. Klassen (2008)
Product Portfolio Strategies: The Case of Multifunction Products
Yuwen Chen, Asoo J. Vakharia, Aydin Alptekino (2008)
Order Progress Information: Improved Dynamic Emergency Ordering Policies
Gary M. Gaukler, Özalp Özer, Warren H. Hausman (2008)
On the Benefits of Assortment-Based Cooperation Among Independent Producers
Yalçin Akçay and Baris Tan (2008)
Optimal Contract Design for Mixed Channels Under Information Asymmetry
Samar K. Mukhopadhyay, Xiaowei Zhu, Xiaohang Yue (2008)

Vol. 17, Issue 5 (September - October 2008)

Managing Slow-Moving Perishables in the Grocery Industry
Michael Ketzenberg and Mark Ferguson (2008)
Approximations to Optimal k-Unit Cycles for Single-Gripper and Dual-Gripper Robotic Cells
H. Neil Geismar, LapMui Ann Chan, Milind Dawande, and Chelliah Sriskandarajah (2008)
Coordinating a Supply Chain System with Retailers Under Both Price and Inventory Competition
Xuan Zhao (2008)
Feryal Erhun, Pinar Keskinocak, and Sridhar Tayur
Dynamic Procurement, Quantity Discounts, and Supply Chain Efficiency (2008)
Product Design for Life-Cycle Mismatch
James R. Bradley and Hector H. Guerrero (2008)
The Effects of Sharing Upstream Information on Product Rollover
Zhaolin Li and Long Gao (2008)

Vol. 17, Issue 4 (July - August 2008)

Managing Clearance Sales in the Presence of Strategic Customers
Dan Zhang and William L. Cooper (2008)
Dynamic Pricing with Constant Demand Elasticity
R. Preston McAfee and Vera te Velde (2008)
Pricing, Allocation, and Overbooking in Dynamic Service Network Competition When Demand Is Uncertain
Reetabrata Mookherjee and Terry L. Friesz (2008)
Mulitperiod Models with Capacities in Competitive Supply Chain
Georgia Perakis and Marina Zaretsky (2008)

Vol. 17, Issue 3 (May - June 2008)

Service Coproduction with Information Stickiness
and Incomplete Contracts: Implications for Consulting Services Design
Mei Xue and Joy M. Field (2008)
A Specialized Inventory Problem in Banks: Optimizing Retail Sweeps
Suresh K. Nair and Richard G. Anderson (2008)

Vol. 17, Issue 2 (March-April 2008)

Contracting under vendor managed inventory systems using holding cost subsidies
Nagarajan, M., Rajagopalan, S (2008)
Why Do We Observe Stockless Operations on the Internet? Stockless Operations Under Competition.
Sun, D., Ryan,J.K., and Shin, H (2008)
Asymmetric Competition in B2B Spot Markets
Etzion, H., Pinker, E.J (2008)
Flexible Backup Supply and the Management of Lead-Time Uncertainty
Kouvelis, P., Li, L (2008)
Scheduling Support Times for Satellites with Overlapping Visibilities
Arkali, G., Dawande, M., Sriskandarajah, C (2008)
Sourcing Through Auctions and Audits
Chen, Y.J., Seshadri, S., and Zemel, E (2008)
Application Development Using Fault Data
Feng, Q., Mookerjee, V.S., Sethi, S.P (2008)

Vol. 17, Issue 1 (January-February 2008)

The Role of Operational Interdependence and Supervisory Experience on Management Assessments of Resource Planning Systems
Bendoly, E., Bachrach, D.G., Powell, B. (2008)
A strategy for opening a new market and encroaching on the lower end of the existing market
Druehl, C.T., G. M. Schmidt (2008)
To What Extent Are Labor-Saving Technologies Improving Efficiency in the Use of Human Resources? Evidence from the Banking Industry
Fung, M.K., Hung Hom, K. (2008)
Open Source Development with a Commercial Complementary Product or Service
Haruvy, E., Sethi, S.P., Zhou, J (2008)
Divide and Conquer: Competing with Free Technology Under Network Effects
Lee, D., Mendelson, H. (2008)
An Exploratory Study of the Impact of e-Service Process on Online Customer Satisfaction
Ba., S., Johansson, W.C (2008)
Process Improvement, Learning, and Real Options
Li, G., Rajagopalan, S. (2008)
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