BOM - Winners of Previous Competitions

2023: Maya Balakrishnan, Harvard Business School, “Improving Human-Algorithm Collaboration: Causes and Mitigation of Over- and Under-Adherence”

2022: Tobias Lieberum, The Technical University of Munich, “Should We All Work in Sprints? How Agile Project Management Improves Performance”

2021:  Alp Sungu, London Business School, “TitleData Caps Expand Access to Digitally‐led Health Services – Evidence from a Mumbai Slum”

2020: Somya Singhvi, MIT, “Improving Farmers' Income on Online Agri‐platforms: Theory and Field Implementation of a Two‐Stage Auction”

2019: Anna Saez de Tejada Cuenca, UCLA, “Believing in Analytics: Manager’s Adherence to Price Recommendations from a DSS”

2018: Blair Flicker, UT Dallas, “Managerial Insight and ‘Optimal’ Algorithms”

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