Mission Statement
The department seeks papers that further our understanding of operations by explicitly accounting for industry-specific contextual details that motivate, describe, or improve a firm's, organization's, or industry's operational decisions or outcomes. Studies that focus on industry specific considerations with respect to competitiveness, disruptions, inventory and logistics, productivity evolution, project management, product and service development, occupational safety, supply chains, sustainability, talent management, or technological choices are particularly welcome. Studies are encouraged to dive deeply into a specific industry (e.g. the pharmaceuticals industry), and their findings need not generalize to other settings (e.g. the automotive sector). However, the exposition must offer rich operational detail and explain how findings hinge upon details that may be unique to the industry context. We also encourage within-industry or cross-industry studies that examine public policy options for improving entrepreneurship, financing, information systems, innovation, sourcing, and trade practices in emergent industry sectors such as alternative energy, bio-tech manufacturing and digital services.


Papers must be well written with a clear statement of their contribution to both theory and practice. We encourage a broad range of methodologies including analytical models, case work, econometric analysis, laboratory or field experiments and system dynamics. The chosen methodology should be well motivated and executed with the highest rigor.


Departmental Editor


Professor Bradley Staats

Professor Bradley R. Staats
University of North Carolina





Senior Editors

George Ball, Indiana University
Saurabh Bansal, Pennsylvania State University
Hessam Bavafa, University of Wisconsin-Madison
W.C. Benton, Ohio State University
Amy Cohn, University of Michigan
Pnina Feldman, Boston University
Charles Fine, MIT
Luyi Gui, UC Irvine
David Lane, Henley Business School
Jeffrey Macher, Georgetown University
Douglas Morrice, University of Texas
Kingshuk Sinha, University of Minnesota
Fehmi Tanrisever, Bilkent University
Rohit Verma, Cornell University
Hui Zhao, Pennsylvania State University

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