Mission Statement

The Management of Technology (MOT) Department of Production and Operations Management (POM) has published a large body of research to deepen our understanding of how innovations in science and technology have led to transformations in traditional intra- and inter-organizational business practices. These fundamental changes can create new forms of competition, new business models, and accelerated globalization.


The MOT Department seeks contributions that provide insights on how to rapidly design and implement business innovations (including but not limited to those based on digitization of operations and supply chains), which lead to (a) the successful launch of new products and services, (b) new production and service creation processes, (c) changes in the basic structure of extended supply chains, and (d) changes in the delivery channels for consumer goods and services. We seek papers that assess and measure drivers of performance including the environmental impact, the value of knowledge, and security. Moreover, contributions to MOT are sought that recognize the importance of managing both internal resource capabilities (including digital, manufacturing, and service technologies; the workforce; processes and procedures; and information) as well as external resource capabilities (such as an organization's network of collaborators, suppliers, complementors, partners and customers).


While we seek papers that make fundamental contributions to operations management, we also recognize that MOT is multidisciplinary. For example, MOT considers (a) the behavioral and the strategic implications of technology choice and technology adoption, (b) how evolving digital technologies such as Blockchain and AI impact supply chain performance, and (c) the opportunities and challenges of integrating capabilities for product and process design and innovation. MOT research is relevant to both existing and established organizations as well as entrepreneurial enterprises and startups. Moreover, we seek papers that provide meaningful managerial insights in a variety of service and manufacturing industries as well as in government and non-profit organizations both in developed and emerging economies. Lastly, we welcome research papers that make significant contributions to the MOT domain from a variety of perspectives including empirical, experimental, and optimization methodologies.


Departmental Editor


Professor Cheryl Gaimon

Professor Cheryl Gaimon
Georgia Institute of Technology





Senior Editors

Sulin Ba, DePaul University
Sreekumar Bhaskaran, Southern Methodist University
Janice Carrillo, University of Florida
Sarv Devaraj, University of Notre Dame
Bilal Gokpinar, University College London
Hong Guo, Arizona State University
Zhiling Guo, University of North Texas
Manpreet Hora, Georgia Institute of Technology
Florin Niculescu, Scheller, GA Tech
Amy Pan, University of Florida
S. Rajagopalan, University of Southern California
Karthik Ramachandran, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ling Xue, Georgia State University

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