Mission Statement

This department focuses on the interaction of POM both with the internal financial functions of the firm and with external financial markets. The department seeks papers that illuminate the relationships and dependencies between POM and finance and that in particular highlight the ways in which consideration of the interfacing area affects decision making, resource allocation, and behavior.

Example topics include the impact of capital constraints on production and expansion decisions; the roles of operational flexibility and financial contracts in reducing cash flow volatility; the impact of financial distress, taxes, debt, and equity market activity on financial structure and operational decisions; the role of financial and operational actions in resolving issues of information asymmetry and control; the analysis of policies that directly and indirectly affect both operational and financial activity; and the development of novel real options methodology and creative applications thereof, including, but not limited to, the commodity, energy, and high technology industries. The department also welcomes papers that address any other topic in the general scope of the journal in which both operations and finance play significant roles.


The POM-finance Interface department considers papers representing a variety of research paradigms. Suitable papers may, for example, provide an empirical analysis of intra- and inter-firm, industry, sector, and regional data; describe the design and analysis of experiments combining operational and financial considerations; develop new methodologies for assisting in joint operational and financial decision making; and analyze theoretical models of operational and financial interactions.


The major criterion for acceptability is the paper's ability to convey new insights of managerial relevance or to provide innovative decision-making tools with (potential) practical applicability within the scope of the department's mission. Papers should conform to the overall professional standards of general POM submissions. Questions regarding the suitability of papers for consideration can be directed to the department editor.

Departmental Editor


Professor Sridhar Seshadri University of Illinois Urbana ChampionProfessor Sridhar Seshadri
University of Illinois Urbana Champion




Senior Editors

Maqbool Dada,Johns Hopkins University
Burak Kazaz, Syracuse University
Nikolay Osadchiy, Emory University
Nicola Secomandi, Rice University
Jing Wu, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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